“I began seeing Dr. Cora on a recommendation from my trainer because of my persistent knee pain.  Little did I know then that not only would she make the knee pain disappear in 2 sessions, but that she would also effectively treat me for whatever ailments I had for the next 2 years – INCLUDING … Continue reading Beth L., Physical Therapist, Portland, OR

Beth L., Physical Therapist, Portland, OR

“Dr. Forsten is a compassionate, understanding, and talented provider who has significantly improved my quality of life. I first went to see Cora with a variety of mild, seemingly disconnected symptoms, that she was able to diagnose and connect to one underlying systemic issue. I most appreciate that every session with Cora begins with listening … Continue reading Trina J, Portland, OR

Trina J, Portland, OR

“Dr. Cora Forsten was my Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Chinese Acupuncturist (LAC) for more than two years and was referred to me by a close and trusted friend. Dr. Forsten provided me with outstanding medical care with a focus on natural medicine to assist me with issues related to extreme pain throughout my body from … Continue reading Douglas S., Competitive Athlete, Portland, OR

Douglas S., Competitive Athlete, Portland, OR

“I highly recommend Dr. Forsten. I have never had a health care provider listen and understand me the way Dr. Forsten does. It’s easy to talk to her about health and body issues that can feel private or embarrassing because she is so matter of fact and non judgmental. I always feel like Dr. Forsten … Continue reading Sarah M., Portland, OR

Sarah M., Portland, OR

“We sought out Dr. Cora Forstén, ND LAc to help manage our daughters growing list of food intolerances and reactions, and were pleased to finally meet a healthcare practitioner who was willing to look “outside the box” of the typical Western approaches to food reactions. She approached our young daughter in a non-threatening manner always … Continue reading Carol B., Portland, OR

Carol B., Portland, OR

“I recently found out I had a nodule on the right side of my thyroid. With me being completely terrified of not knowing what this meant for me, I saw a MD because I wanted the nodule to be removed immediately! While I was informed they would not remove it, because it was not cancerous, … Continue reading A. Thompson, Portland, OR

A. Thompson, Portland, OR

“Dr. Forsten was a breath of fresh air for my family. I had pretty much given up on doctors at the time of my first visit — I felt more like a revenue source instead of a patient with my previous physicians. Dr. Forsten insisted on 60 min visits and I had an opportunity to … Continue reading Chris T, Portland, OR

Chris T, Portland, OR

“In my specific career I need to get a lot of body work done from many different people around the world and the one thing that sets them apart from each other is an intuitive healing ability. I’m not sure if this is even something that can be taught in a classroom or if it … Continue reading Josh M, Professional Athlete, Portland, OR

Josh M, Professional Athlete, Portland, OR

I started to have menopausal symptoms. So I went to see Dr Cora Forsten.  Her knowledge of Chinese  herbs and combining acupuncture treatments helped me so much to ease symptoms and lead me to more balanced life. So grateful having Cora in my life.

Rasa W., Massage therapist, Portland, OR

I began seeing Dr. Cora Forsten when I was suffering from menopause symptoms. I was having hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and trouble sleeping. I saw her regularly for several years – a lot at first, but tapered down eventually. While my girlfriends suffered under conventional treatment, I felt balanced and healthy. We did a … Continue reading Heather J., Portland, OR

Heather J., Portland, OR