Online Wellness Consult

I offer online health consulting services in different formats, where you can either start a new consultation or continue the treatment that you have already started in person. The consultation includes a thorough discussion of your current health, lifestyle and diet as well as an indepth analysis of your symptoms, function and laboratory tests. Thereafter, recommended treatments and advice are recommended. In collaboration with WERLABS, blood tests and panels can be ordered via the below QR code either before the first visit or after if you are unsure which panel to choose. Functional medicine testing is also available including stool tests, hormone panels, food sensitivity testing etc and can be ordered after the first consult.



Recommended Expansive Testing Panels via Werlabs include:

  • Sköldkörtel prov XL och XL Plus (Thyroid panels XL and XL Plus)
  • Hälsokontroll XL och XL Plus (Health Panels XL and XL Plus)
  • Performance Test
  • Vänta Barn och Fertilitet test (Pre-Pregnancy and Fertility Test)

Smaller Testing Panels include:

  • folkhälsopaket (People’s Health Package)
  • Testosteron test (Testosterone)
  • Östrogen och Progesteron tester (Estrogen and Progesterone)
  • Vitamin Brister (Vitamin deficiency tests)
  • Inflammations markörer (Inflammatory markers) and more

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