Philosophy and Modalities

All illness, pain and disease tells a story, Let me help you write a new a chapter.

My unique education and experience provide the tools to decipher that story and look beneath the surface to the root of an illness. Modern medicine is adept at soothing symptoms of disease.  My tools allow me to look deeper, and help you heal the problem from its source rather than just soothe the symptoms.  Often these symptoms first present in decreased quality of life indicators such as poor sleep, energy, mood, unsettled digestion, menstrual irregularities, skin concerns, and reduced immune health. As the dysfunction continues more serious concerns can develop.  Whether you are experiencing mild or serious symptoms, I can help restore your health and close the chapter on what ails you and get you back to following your dreams and living life!   


Cora Forstén ND, LAc, MSOM is a national board certified Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist trained and licensed in the United States. With a firm foundation in conventional medicine combined with intense study and practice in herbs, nutrition, human physiology and biochemistry she combines the art and skill of Chinese medicine with modern science to create individually tailored treatments.  She assess the whole person while treating the root of disease. Available treatments include Japanese acupuncture, Classical Chinese and western herbal treatments, homeopathy, and Naturopathic Wellness consulting on diet and lifestyle – food is medicine!  With many years of education and experience, she skillfully and effectively treats a wide array of ailments from the common cold to chronic disease, with an emphasis on hormonal health, fertility, digestion and nutrition, physical pain, mental-emotional well-being, and managing chronic conditions. For further information regarding Cora Forsten’s education and experience please see her CV.   Have questions about Cora’s unique training?  Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions you have!