“I recently found out I had a nodule on the right side of my thyroid. With me being completely terrified of not knowing what this meant for me, I saw a MD because I wanted the nodule to be removed immediately! While I was informed they would not remove it, because it was not cancerous, I was shocked & upset.. I decided to see a Naturalpath instead to help me. Upon research and through word of mouth, I learned of Cora Forsten. One visit with her was all it took. I was sold! She was the perfect match for me. She is so smart! She knew my body, better than I did! That’s the kind of Naturalpathic doctor I was looking for! She thoroughly explained to me (in a way the hospital doctors wouldn’t) what was going on in my body. She explained thoroughly why it was happening. She thoroughly explained my treatment plan to guide me back to a natural healthy way of living. Choosing Cora Forsten was the best life changing decision I made. I’m on a natural path of healing now. I owe it all to Cora. I highly recommend Cora, as others have recommended her to me.”

A. Thompson, Portland, OR