“Dr. Cora Forsten was my Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Chinese Acupuncturist (LAC) for more than two years and was referred to me by a close and trusted friend. Dr. Forsten provided me with outstanding medical care with a focus on natural medicine to assist me with issues related to extreme pain throughout my body from personal lifestyle choices, a bicycle accident and participation in recreational triathlon sports related injuries. Dr. Forsten also assisted me with sleeping apnea, natural diet development and acid reflex and digestive tract issues that were all critical to weight management and a improved day to day lifestyle. Dr. Forsten made me feel comfortable with natural medicine due to her strong interpersonal skills, encouragement, open and honest professional communication skills, strong bedside manner and her personal commitment to helping me to understand how natural medicine works to heal the body. Dr. Forsten is skilled in whole food nutrition, pain prevention, inside and outside environmental health factors and how those environmental factors impact on the health of the body and human spirit. She is highly skilled in natural health prevention, disease and wellness, mind-body natural medicine, natural botanical medicine, anatomy and physiology. She has strong cross cultural and international competency skills and is engaging constantly in on going natural medicine research to improve her ability to serve diverse clients and patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Cora Forsten to friends, colleagues and others seeking to improve their natural health and lifestyle.”

Written by: Douglas Samuels Ed.D, Former Patient, Camas, Washington (United States of America)

Douglas S., Competitive Athlete, Portland, OR