“We sought out Dr. Cora Forstén, ND LAc to help manage our daughters growing list of food intolerances and reactions, and were pleased to finally meet a healthcare practitioner who was willing to look “outside the box” of the typical Western approaches to food reactions. She approached our young daughter in a non-threatening manner always taking the extra time to explain what she was going to do with the unusual medical tools, and making sure she secured her permission before proceeding. Visits to Dr Cora were never dreaded or feared events, and because of her skill in building a respectful relationship with our daughter, we were able to better manage her reactions.

Dr Cora is extremely skilled in identifying underlying issues with complex sets of symptoms in adult patients as well. She builds strong relationships with other healthcare practitioners (so if referrals are needed, you can trust her judgement) and she is knowledgeable about a variety of products and substances that are actually helpful for a variety of conditions. Her proficiency in selecting the right approach for a given health situation allows her to deliver care in an efficient and beneficial manner.”

Carol B., Portland, OR