Curriculum Vitae

Cora Victoria Jacobine Forstén, ND, LAc, MSOM

__ Education _____________________________________________________________


August 2005- June 2011.

Naturopathic Doctorate (ND) 2011,  Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine (MSOM) 2011, Graduated Highest Honors.  This education covers two degrees simultaneously; what is usually two, four-year programs is completed in six, intense years.

Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine (MSOM)

The acupuncture program is a full-time four-year Masters degree with intensive clinical training, one of the most extensive and in-depth programs offered worldwide.   My training draws on the ancient wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, which is slightly different and draws on a longer lineage than the more commonly taught Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

  • Extensive training in diagnosis and treatment using Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) theories.  Treatments learned include Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and meridian treatment, Chinese herbal remedy treatment, qi gong and tai chi for health and healing, and diet and lifestyle changes according to CCM.
  • Conditions learned range from the common cold to cancer to mental health.  Conditions ranged from chronic to acute.
  • Intensive chinese herbal study with Heiner Fruehauf including in-depth study of his proprietary herbal line of Classical Pearls.  

Naturopathic Doctorate (ND)

The Naturopathic Doctorate program is a four-year doctorate program with intensive clinical training.  I completed the same basic science, human biology, and medical courses that an MD (Medical Doctor) candidate would complete.  Additional courses focused on how to apply natural remedies and innovative approaches to health to heal disease and dysfunction.  This background gives me the understanding of Western medicine I need to know to work WITH a patient’s other physicians and treatments to achieve the best result.  In the USA this training leads me to be eligible to use the term Doctor and in Oregon practice as a primary care physician.

– Mastered basic sciences and other Western medical school courses including anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, immunology, cardiology, gynecology, clinical and physical diagnosis, lab diagnosis and pharmacology in order to effectively apply alternative treatments.

– Trained to use a wide variety of treatments that emphasize treating disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing power of the body.

– Techniques include botanical medicine, therapeutic manipulation, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy and homeopathy.

Clinical Training

– Worked in concert with Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists treating patients in a clinical setting over a five-year period.

– Training includes two years of Naturopathic observation, three years of practicing Naturopathic medicine under supervision of a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, one year of Chinese medicine observation and one year of practicing Chinese medicine under supervision of licensed acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists.


August 2000- May 2004

Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, 2004 Concentration: Cross Cultural Health and Healing; Thesis: A Survey of the Future of Chinese Medicine

– Studied abroad in Beijing where I followed Chinese TCM practitioners and began to learn the fundamentals of TCM.

– Pitzer Study Abroad, Beijing University, 2003.

– Varsity Soccer, 2001-2004. Captain 2004.

__ Licenses and Certifications _________________________________________

2018 License of Acupuncture (AC155930) Oregon

2011 NCCAOM board certified (133375)

2011 Clean Needle Technique Certification

2018 License of Naturopathic Medicine (1869) Oregon

2011 Nationally Board Certified Naturopath

Additional Education

2016- present

Ongoing Advanced study in Kiiko Matsumoto Style Japanese Acupuncture

__ Experience___________________________________________________________

Essential Family Medicine, LLC, Portland, Oregon         July 2011- 2017

Acupuncturist, Naturopath, and Owner

– Practiced as a primary care physician

– Provided adult and pediatric acupuncture with an interdisciplinary approach.

– Coordinated care with MD physicians and other practitioners for the best and most

effective patient outcome.

– Effectively utilized Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qigong, Naturopathic medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Western Herbs and Homeopathy

– Health care clinical operations management including insurance billing, partnership meetings, tax preparation and business planning.

NCNM Chinese Medicine Clinic, Portland, OR June 2010 – June 2011

– Practiced Chinese medicine under supervision of highly skilled licensed acupuncturists and Chinese


– Treated patients with chronic conditions such as cancer, MS, diabetes, IBS, IBD, and auto-immune disorders, as well as acute cases.

NCNM Naturopathic Medicine Clinic, Portland, OR June 2006 – June 2011

  • Evaluated, diagnosed, treated and coordinated care of patients in a range of acute to chronic disease under supervision of licensed Naturopathic Physicians.
  • Treated patients with chronic conditions such as cancer, MS, diabetes, IBS, IBD, and auto-immune disorders, as well as acute cases.

__ Research and Publications _____________________________________________

Colbert, AP, Forsten, C. et al. “Static magnetic field therapy: a critical review of treatment parameters.” eCAM 2009;6(2):133-9. Collaborated with an experienced team of researchers in an extensive literature review of treatment parameters of static magnetic field therapy research.

__ Teaching Experience ___________________________________________________

Abby’s Table, Portland, OR 2011 to 2014

– Little Tikes Cooking Series: Hands on cooking class for both adults and children designed to make clinical nutrition accessible to parents while children learn skills to enhance brain development and stimulate learning. – Physician Sponsored Dinner Series: Created 5 course dinner in collaboration with

Chef designed to utilize clinical nutrition and Chinese dietetics to treat allergy symptoms. Montavilla Farmer’s Market, Portland, OR July 2012

Omega 3s and Cancer Fighting Antioxidants Agricurean Escapes Launch, Red Ridge, Dayton, OR July 2012

Managing Diabetes with Farm Fresh Foods AmeriCorps, Early Childhood Education, Durham, NC August 2004- June 2005 Assessed Early Childhood curriculum in diverse childcare centers in Durham, NC. Taught caregivers and parents nationally approved curriculum to enhance cognitive development and increase cultural and diversity awareness.

__ Languages ____________________________________________________________

Swedish: fluent oral and written (mother-tongue),

English: fluent oral and written (Secondary mother-tongue, primary professional language)

Spanish: Speak and comprehend at an intermediate level.