All illness, pain and disease tells a story, Let me help you write a new chapter.

Tailored health and wellness with compassion and attention to your specific needs, with the whole person in mind.

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16 years of experience in fertility, Fatigue, Pain, Digestion, Hormone Balance and Chronic Illness

“I began seeing Dr. Cora on a recommendation from my trainer because of my persistent knee pain.  Little did I know then that not only would she make the knee pain disappear in 2 sessions, but that she would also effectively treat me for whatever ailments I had for the next 2 years – INCLUDING assisting my body to conceive my little one and support us both in the months that followed.

Dr. Cora’s down to earth approach to eastern medicine was refreshing, honest, and easy to follow.  Her initial visit remains the most thorough exam I have ever had by any medical professional.  She knew exactly when to pull in other specialists to assist us with treatment and her referrals were fantastic – all people she knew personally and trusted.

I wouldn’t hesitate to send any loved one to see Dr. Cora.  She is exactly who you need on your team!  “

Beth L., Physical Therapist, Portland, OR

“Dr. Forsten is a compassionate, understanding, and talented provider who has significantly improved my quality of life. I first went to see Cora with a variety of mild, seemingly disconnected symptoms, that she was able to diagnose and connect to one underlying systemic issue. I most appreciate that every session with Cora begins with listening and that way she is able to address whole health from a variety of angles, including naturopathy and acupuncture. After seeing Cora for a couple years, I sleep better; have much, MUCH improved digestion; more energy; and overall better health. Cora helped me address everything from allergies to back pain to thyroid imbalances to a couple significant travel-related illnesses. I could not be more appreciative of her caring and humorous approach and her knowledgeable treatment.” 

Trina J, Portland, OR