I have extensive education, experience, and training in Chinese Medicine and Western natural medicine that allows me to integrate care from both philosophies.

Available treatments include Chinese and Western herbal treatments, Japanese Acupuncture techniques,  homeopathy, and counseling and consulting on diet and lifestyle.  I treat a diverse range of people and complaints including fertility, gastro-intestinal concerns, physical pain, mental-emotional well-being, and managing chronic conditions. 

Treatment typically includes Japanese Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Herbal treatment and/or Naturopathic Wellness and Health Consulting:

Appointments:  You can chose to have only acupuncture, only wellness consulting, or a combination of the two.  Appointments that provide both services are longer and more in-depth than appointments for only one service.

New Patient appointments are longer and more in-depth than return visits.  Depending on the length of your health history, I am sometimes able to provide an acupuncture treatment in the first visit and sometimes not.   Return Visits range from shorter check-ins, follow-up acupuncture treatments or a slightly longer combination of the two.

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