Kick-Starter Wellness Package

Find out what is slowing you down, holding you back, or preventing you from achieving your health and weight loss goals in 2022.

Sometimes what lies between you and achieving your new year’s resolution is not just grit and determination but an imbalance in hormones, underfunctioning thyroid or adrenals, or nutritional deficiencies.  These imbalances can make you feel like you’re getting no where, fast.  


By combining blood work with holistic care and acupuncture, I can help you find the energy and focus you need to find your fire again.  

You can do this!  I can help. 

I’m offering a 15% discount on a 3 visit wellness and acupuncture package that will get you on the right foot (and the left) in 2022.

3 wellness & acupuncture visits – 3200 sek (regularly 3750 SEK)

  • Initial 90 min assessment and discussion…. including which lab tests would be the most beneficial along with initial treatment and recommendations.  I often review previous labs and medical history during this visit synthesizing an indepth holistic perspective of how to optimize your health and restore normal function.  
  • 2 x 60 min treatments…. where we will review lab results and establish an individualized and detailed treatment plan, as well as provide 2 acupuncture treatments.
  • Use the visits within two months or talk to me.  I want you to see results you can capitalize on, and if you wait too long, the results won’t be as impactful.

Labs (paid separately to the lab company)

  • range from 1450 SEK – 3600 SEK, depending on your specific needs and level of depth desired.
  • focus on assessing hormone imbalances, underfunctioning thyroid or adrenals, as well as to scan for basic nutritional deficiencies.

Call 070-279-1175 or email for more information. When booking online please mention kick-starter wellness package in the notes section. 

Offer valid through the end of March 2022

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